News/Support ASST and Do Something Great For Your Body!

Tue Dec. 5th 2017

Despite the crucial role ASST plays in ensuring asylum seekers can cope at the most basic level, we receive no government funding and are mostly reliant on the generosity of Trusts and Donors for support which enables us to provide our clients with emergency housing, food, clothing and practical support from our registered social worker. The more support we receive, the more vulnerable people we can reach and that is why ASST is running its first Fast Fundraiser at the Aio Wira Centre Sanctuary in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges on 3-4 February, 2018.

The ASST Fast Fundraiser will be a 2-day taster version of Aio Wira's concept of the 5-day fast which is guided by qualified staff and based upon high-quality liquid nourishment (organic vegetable/fruit juices, herb teas, and broths) with four days of proper fasting, followed by a half-day to gently break the fast. The tranquil atmosphere at Aio Wira and the fasting programme will give you the strength and motivation to make meaningful lifestyle changes (healthier diets, new physical regimens, or quitting smoking) by including exercises, relaxation techniques, yoga, and access to a sauna and spa.

You can find out more about Aio Wira here but come along and join us to spoil your body and to raise funds for those less fortunate who have been through significant trauma and are trying to make a decent and safe new life in our country. The price for 2 days of bliss for your body and mind will only cost $330 per person with $150 of this amount going back to ASST. But you and your friends need to get in quick because there are only 17 places on this first fast and they will fill fast!

To secure your place on the Fast Fundraiser and/or find out more information, please call or email Di Davies on (09) 810 9396 or A $100 deposit will be required and massages can also be made available at an additional cost of $70 per hour.