News/Freeman’s Bay School Provide Care Packs for ASST Clients

Fri Dec. 15th 2017

In June, ASST were contacted by Freeman's Bay School teacher Annelies Judson who looks after an accelerant class called the GATE programme. They wanted to work on a project that would solve a problem and benefit the local community, and decided to help refugees in New Zealand.

Our Hostel Manager and Social Worker, Freyja Stocker went and talked to the class about the work ASST does, what an asylum seeker is and what some of the issues for them are. The students had some very thoughtful questions, for example, what happens if the asylum seeker is not successful and what happens to people's pets if they have to leave their home country? The children then went away and worked to make welcome packs for the children of asylum seekers based on what we had talked about. The packs include an exercise book and some pencils, a map of the city, some easy reading books and a recipe book they compiled themselves of easy New Zealand recipes, among other things.

Aside from the packs they also collected clothes, toys and more books, and these were very gratefully received by our clients. Good on you Freeman's Bay School. A top effort!