What We Do

ASST works to create a safe and supportive environment for asylum seekers and convention refugees in New Zealand. We provide access to information, services and resources so that those seeking asylum may effectively pursue the determination of their refugee status, and thrive in their new home. We also provide re-settlement support for individuals who have had their refugee status approved to help ensure successful integration into local communities.

Asylum Seekers Support Trust aims to provide a service that meets the individual needs of each client. We see that these needs differ between individuals and change over time. We aim to adapt to these changing needs. Below is a list of services we offer, but it is not exhaustive. If you are an asylum seeker or convention refugee in New Zealand, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and how we might be able to support you. Our support services are provided by a qualified social worker.

Please note, we are not lawyers or immigration advisors. We do not represent clients in their claim and we cannot influence the outcome of asylum claims. What we can do is provide support to help in other ways so those making a claim can focus their energy on that.


We have limited accommodation available for people who have a claim in process who are in urgent need of shelter. This is hostel accommodation and often involves sharing rooms with other asylum seekers. The accommodation is designed to be relatively short term while clients find their feet in a new country and have their case decided. We have a big demand for this service so we are not always able to accommodate all that need it, but if we can't help in this way, we can discuss what other options are available.

Other services

Information – Making a claim for asylum can be overwhelming. ASST can provide information on rights and entitlements, support services available and general information about life in New Zealand.

Support – We can also assist in the process of accessing entitlements, whether that is helping asylum seekers fill enrollment and application forms, accompanying them to appointments or liaising with other organisations.

Advocacy – It can be hard to advocate for yourself in a system you are not familiar with, we can stand beside asylum seekers to ensure their voice is heard and they get their rights and entitlements upheld.

Referrals – Where we are not the experts in an area an asylum seeker needs support or assistance in, we can refer to other organisations that are.

Detention Visitation - We offer a visitation programme for Asylum Seekers detained at Mt Eden, offering support and friendship.