The Global Refugee Crisis

The displacement of people is a global issue. Right now, around the world, 59.5 million people are seeking a safe haven.

There are approximately 100,000 places per year for UNCHR (quota) refugees globally. New Zealand's contribution is dismal. The UN ranked NZ 88th in the world for accepting refugees.

NZ takes in 750 refugees a year through UNCHR, although we have recently agreed to take an extra 600 Syrian refugees over the next three years. Of 300 asylum claims per year, NZ grants refugee status to approximately 100.

Who are asylum seekers?

They are not migrants, who choose to resettle in another country. Asylum seekers are people who are forced to leave their home country in seek of protection. They are refugees, and they come in three categories:

Quota Refugees

Are selected for resettlement in NZ via UNHCR who have mandated their refugee status.

Asylum Seekers

Are refugees who claim refugee status on arriving at the border or after entering New Zealand.

Convention Refugees

Convention refugees are former asylum seekers who have been granted refugee status.