Asylum seekers are people who, because of fear of persecution in their home countries, have crossed international borders in search of protection. No-one chooses to be an asylum seeker.

That is what we are here for – to provide safety, support and advocacy for all people who are driven to seek asylum, for any reason.

About the ASST

We began in 1989 as the Auckland Refugee Council Inc (ARCI). We saw the plight of people who sought asylum, families who had escaped life-threatening danger and were desperate for a safe haven. We're now known as the Asylum Seeker Support Trust

How we help

As New Zealand is signatory to the 1951 UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, every asylum seeker has the legal right to claim asylum in New Zealand. We support and advocate for asylum seekers, and lobby for their rights.

How you can help

The displacement of people is a global issue. Right now around the world, 59.5 million people seek a safe haven. The ASST gets no government-sourced funds for the work they do and rely on the generosity of Kiwis.